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TITLE : Being Like The Teacher
AUTHOR : Ramazan M. Zuberi

Some quotes :

The title of this article comes from Luke 6:40. Jesus(a.s.) explicitly said that in order for anyone to be like him, they would have to be ¡°perfect¡± .

First, we must understand that all prophets lived according to a certain way of life whichwas total submission to God¡¯s Will. This means that whatever Laws, Rules, Regulations,etc., God sent to them, they abided by in 100% totality. Their message was very clearand in harmony with one another.

let¡¯s look at Luke 6:40 more in depth and
understand what Jesus (a.s.) meant when he said we have to be ¡°Perfect¡± in order to be like him. He says: The disciple is not above his teacher: every one that is perfect shall be as his teacher.
Ein talmeed na¡¯aleh ¡®al rabbo; sheken kal adam she¡¯ Mushlam yihyeh k¡¯rabbo
The words (kal adam) means ¡°all people; all of mankind, every human being¡±.Therefore, this is a direct teaching telling his people that in order to be like him,
you have to be ¡°Mushlam¡± like he was. The word ¡°Mushlam¡± is also derived from the
same root word as Muslim, Islam, Salaam, Shalom, etc..

there are certain characteristics of a Muslim. Some of the main
characteristics for example are: they worship only Allah and prostrate to Him. As
for worshipping Allah, we read in the Bible, in the first book, the first chapter, the
first verse, Genesis 1:1:
In the beginning, Allah created the
heavens and the earth.
Brasheet bara Allaha eet shmaya wa eet ar¡¯a
This is Aramaic, not Arabic, and we see that Allah was the originator of creation. He was mentioned since the very beginning of scripture. Allah has also declared himself in Isaiah 46:9 that he is Allah and there¡¯s no one else.

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