Christian-Muslim Dialogue – free ebook

TITLE : Christian-Muslim Dialogue


Part One – Beginning of the Dialogue.
1.  The first contact between a Christian & a Muslim
2.  The Holy Bible
3.  The Doctrine of the Trinity
4.  The Doctrine of the Divinity of Jesus Christ
5.  The Doctrine of the Divine Sonship of Jesus Christ
6.  Was Jesus Crucified?
7.  The Doctrine of Atonement and Original Sin
8.  Both Ismael and Isaac were Blessed
9.  Criterion of the Prophet by Jeremiah
10. Until Shiloh come
11. Bakka Is Mecca or Makkah
12. The House of My Glory
13. Chariot of Asses and Chariot of Camels
14. The Prophet Like Unto Moses
15. My Servant, Messenger and Elect
16. King David Called Him “My Lord”
17. Art Thou That Prophet
18. Baptizing With the Holy Ghost and With Fire
19. The Least in the Kingdom of Heaven
20. Blessed Are the Peacemakers
21. The Comforter
22. Revelation to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)]
23. Verdict of non-muslims

Part Two
24. Some scientific facts and proofs from the Qur’an
25. References & Thanks

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